Wednesday, October 04, 2006

face value

Face value has a whole new meaning to me after today. I had four stops on my errands, all of which were more or less scrapbook or DVD related. Surprisingly at each one somebody I didn't know made a reference to me being a celebrity. How funny / weird is that? A celebrity doesn't freak out about having piles of junk laying around their studio and setting up email accounts, billing databases, fulfillment turnaround times, cleaning out old food in the fridge, finding clean pants to wear and the stale cigar smell coming from beneath the drivers seat in their truck... Do they?

Years ago I was in a couple bands where people would buy a CD and ask for autographs. I used to sign "John Hancock" as a joke or other things to see if they noticed. Then I got a check in my spirit. There's people I'd love to meet and would giggle with glee over an autograph from. If I'm blessed with a time in my life where I can make someone happy by just paying attention to them then heck, enjoy it and roll with it baby!

It got me thinking. Who would I like to meet and what would I ask them? Here's an impromptu list so that if / when I ever come face to face with them I won't look like an idiot. I'll have something prepared to say:

God: Can you please fix it? ( and by "it" I mean everything and everybody. )

Douglas Adams: How hard was it to follow up the 4rth book in the Hitchhikers Guide trilogy? I read the Dirk Gently stuff and didn't think it was that bad. Did it bum you out?

Charlie Kaufman: May I have the honor of licking your shoes clean, being your apprentice, do your bidding? Looking for any henchmen? I am unworthy.

Benjamin Franklin: Would you like to grab a beer? ( Man I bet that guy could party with some wicked pranks... )

Alexander the Great: Why elephants in the Himalayas?

Flea from the Chili Peppers: ( well, nothing... I'd just sit and stare, truly speechless with a stupid smile on my face. )

Albert Einstein: Did you ever feel satisfied?

Bill Gates: Would you like to be punched in the face or gut?

Peter Jackson: Can I get our picture together so it looks like we know each other?

George W. Bush: Need a hug?

Groucho Marks: I apologize for the three stooges.

Karl Marx: Is utopia really an attainable goal?

Vincent Van Gogh: She's not worth it. Love your work. Screw fluffy French impressionism.

Jimi Hendrix: Did you ever study classical styles? I thought your pentatonic blues modes were infused with some wonderful chord progressions of the masters, but mostly in that weird band of gypsies stuff you headed into.

Ben and Jerry: Is there any flavor concept you've actually turned down?

Well, I guess there aren't any current People Magazine type stars in the list but I can't go any further with pictures in the post. It just gets to boring for people... I guess I could add one more:

Oprah, Ellen or Martha: When can we book a date for the show?

To whom and what would you ask?



At 3:57 PM, Blogger mindakms said... this question...thinking...

Hey, I heard you were a feature article in the paper this weekend.

Hope all the hubbub is coming with a reasonable financial payback for all your sacrifice and hard work.

At 9:49 PM, Blogger wes said...

Hi Minda,

Not exactly but almost. I still owe about $35k plus some upcoming marketing bills. After that I can start drawing a paycheck for the last year! Whoo Hoo!


At 4:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Wes at this present point in time - I have your autograph - on my Scrapped DVD mind you, but it will be nice to shake your hand when in OZ and just say "thanks" There's a million questions we could ask you, but that is the same for most people we meet, but we feel like we've gotten to know you through your website and DVD. But if we had a day with you, I'm sure there'd be plenty of things to talk about. I know my daughter will be tickled pink to meet a "real live movie star"!! She thinks you are awesome.
I guess there are lots of people in life we'd like to meet and ask questions of - hummm.... interesting.

At 9:44 AM, Blogger wes said...

Sarah, you and your movie star stuff is pretty funny! If it gets you to come to the screenings then you can think I'm a big pink gorilla for all I care. ;0)

I just posted cities and dates on the front page of the website. See you in Melbourne!


At 1:09 PM, Blogger Julie&Barb said...

Hey Wes, when are you coimg back to NY? We would love to have a screening. We are having a retreat this weekend Oct 13-15 but that is too soon for you I guess to extend the invite. Well check out our blog it is the behind scened at our store and we would love to see you soon.

At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi,I got the movie yesterday and saw it today. You know what. It ROCKS! I love it. Thank you for taking the time and money to make it!

At 3:45 PM, Blogger wes said...

Hi Mikia,

I sent you an extra in case one didn't work because you're a professional, in another country on the other side of the planet, checking out the video because you could be the person that gets Sweden excited about it, influential in your community person.

I also didn't want to send you another one in case the first one hung up on chapter 16 as about 1 in 940 do. It turns out after much analysis and testing with the replication comany that the disks are fine. I thought it might be a manufacturing defect but it's really the differences between older or cheaper DVD players and newer or medium or better expensive ones. The technical reason is fast and slow speed laser pickups. I won't get into it but the gist is some people were saying their disks got stuck after chapter 16. That's where the layer changes on the dual layer DVD and some players decide to not read it and go on. We found out if people have this problem with their player they just need to pop the disk out ( to reset the player ) pop it back in and just pick up from chapter 17. They don't miss a thing except the mood that was interrupted.

Now that I know that I probably won't send so many out... maybe to VIP's in other countries. ;0)

At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben Franklin: I watched a TV show about you on Biography once and they said you were a real ladies man. Were you? Did women love that long shaggy hair back then too?

George Bush: Here is a multiple choice question for you...If you had no choice but to be hit by me where would you choose to be hit; a. stomach b. head c. balls?

Oh, one more...did you pay attention in speech class?

Hillary Clinton: "Why did you stay with him after he constantly cheated on you?" far I've been obsessed with Politics so I better hit a Religion.

God: Why do you punish some people and allow others to be lucky?

Robin Williams: I will be your slave for eternity if you'll let me into your life. I'll definitely die with laugh-lines on my face.

Vincent from Project Runway - Could you please admit you've got mental issues. It's okay, there are probably drugs for those things, so take them.

Bryan Adams - Can I just sit in your studio while you create. I promise I won't say anything. In fact, I'll probably be in some starry-eyed haze and won't know where I am or what's going on.

Well, that's it...

At 7:09 AM, Blogger margokp said...

I just had to go and order that dern DVD.... as an avid... er, uh addicted scrapbooker, I'll make a page on it! I'll invite all my scrapbooking homies over to watch it. We'll have wine coolers and chocolate.

Embellish me

At 5:52 PM, Blogger Emily Adams said...

Thought I'd buzz by your blog - I wasn't expecting to be inspired to think about anything {a nice surprise}. I really enjoyed meeting you at Memory Trends...I like your style. If you want to see your topless photo from Vegas, check out my blog. :)

Let's see:
God - thanks for everything.

Maxfield Parrish - I dream as if I'm walking through your paintings. {usually June Skies}

Alton Brown - could you fix me a little something?

Philip K Dick - could you tell me a story? do you dream of electric sheep?

Nina Simone - {no words} I'd just be still and soak up every sound she created. Then if I ever recovered I'd ask if I could sing with her.

Michael Keaton - could you just put on the black turtleneck & be Batman for a while?

Wes Thomsen - anything more intelligent than I probably said...

At 6:18 AM, Blogger BuckeySandy said...

Wes, when do you want to go shooting? Maybe I can get DH and some friends (Feds, LE types, Military guys) to come along (not all are male BTW)
Bring your wife.

Can you sign my copy too???


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