Tuesday, October 03, 2006

what are friends for?

Here's some pictures of me abusing my friends and their kids.

Connie, Nate and I were restuffing DVD's with the new covers I had remade because the originals were printed to dark for my taste and I didn't want the big debut of the project looking any more amatuer than it already is. ;0)

We were falling woefully behind and spent too many nights and weekends doing it so our friends offered to come over and help. We blasted through about 4,000 in 5 hours with the assembly line technique. Once again displaying how home grown, un professional and full of heart we are. Everything is now being officially handed over to a real fulfillment company to process your orders so shipping should bump up to 2-3 weeks turn around time. I'm trying to see how we can make it faster to compete with the Amazon.com's who ship stuff out immediately.

Also, here's a picture of my friend Bonnie who sewed the patches in my crop bag. I did the spikes but couldn't figure out how to sew patches on without ruining the ability to open pockets. She came thorugh in a big way. A little bird told me she loves scrapbookers and will do other people bags as well for a meager price...



At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anna said...

Hope you can send some movies to Sweden! We are looking forward to see it here:-)


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