Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Zealand and beyond

It turns out I'm going to New Zealand and Australia for some screenings! That's right. Buckle up, Scrapped is going global. David Roberts from KiwiScraps is heading up a tour that will bring Connie and I to Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand and Sydney and Brisbane in Australia. Looks like we'll have some fun places to watch Scrapped, then have some Q&A afterwards with giveaways, wine and cheese and all kinds of fun get together kinds of stuff. Should be a great time to have scrapbookers in a city get together, meet each other and celebrate their passtime out in public instead of hidden on their dining room table.

This whole thing got me thinking about my times in Australia. I went backpacking up and down the east coast from Sydeny to the reef right out of high school. Didn't know a soul and met a lot of wonderful people. Going by myself wasn't the smartest thing for someone that's not a huge people person to do just because of the constant cold start conversations you need to have to find your way around a new culture, new maps, new lodging and new terms of language.

I went back later to do a six month save the world training school called Youth with a Mission and then went back to be on staff for another year or so. I loved the culture, loved the people and loved the ocean. I really look forward to going back and particularly checking out the amazing country of New Zealand. Rugged land, rugged people. I can't wait. It will be interesting to experience the savage rivalry between the Aussies and Kiwi's first hand again. :0)

Thank goodness other people took pictures of me back then and gave me copies. For all the media work I did I didn't take one picture of myself or anything I did personally. How weak is that?!

I also can't wait to see what people 10,000 miles away put in their scrapbooks. All cliche's aside, it really is a great way to meet people and see their lifestyles, thier loved ones and what they value.


PS. Here's some of what I did last time I was in the southern hemisphere.

What I did for my summer vacation... 15 years ago.


At 3:58 PM, Blogger Melissa O. said...

Better be careful with those pictures. My hubby just walked by as I was reading this post and I had to explain what I was reading and looking at : )

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Hey Wester!! I was scrolling through those photos and thought, "please have the naked skateboarding one, please have the naked skateboarding one... YES!" hee hee hee...

Looking forward to seeing you and Connie again!
Drew (Australia)

At 6:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey -- scrap-dog...nice story in the strib.



At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Scrappindipity said...

Hi! I just stumbled across your webpage and can't wait to see your film. It's great to hear that you're coming down to Aus - I hope the event makes it all the way over here to Perth!

At 10:34 PM, Blogger NuttyScrapper said...

and I highly recommend Melbourne - much better than Sydney and Brisbane ;)

At 7:52 AM, Blogger nancy_scraps said...

Wow...yesterday in the Strib (liked the comment about how ladies charging a clearance rack could probably take you out)...and then I hear (belatedly) that you are headed to New Zealand and Australia.

how cool is that. I guess you'll have to keep the promoter personna on for awhile.

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I've never seen anyone skateboard with a piece of typing paper stuck to their backside. :)

At 7:16 PM, Blogger BuckeySandy said...

Naked Skatebaording??? There has to be a GOOD story to this, can we bribe Drew for the details???

Hi from your retired ole fart AF Maryland fans

At 7:46 PM, Blogger wes said...

Yeah, I don't know what the deal was but I went through a naked phase for a while. It still pops up now and then. Rebecca has some shots in her scrapbook of my bare backside under water and in some other goofy situations because I got sick of her taking pictures all the time and did whatever I could to sabotage them. That was the vacation in the movie and the scrapbooks she pulled out during the opening dinner sequence.

I'm all grown up now. You can get a ticket for that kind of thing. ;0)

At 12:18 AM, Blogger Jenny said...

Great to hear that you're on your way to NZ - way better place than Australia! Hopefully I'll be at the Wellington event.

At 1:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are coming to Oz, but I see you only have screenings in the Eastern states. What about the rest of us????

At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You look like Dee Snider!

-the Wee Wichterman (wee in age not stature)


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