Monday, September 25, 2006

Day 2

Connie and I were having a nice day in Central Park and a little dinner at Rockafeler Center as Nate and his wife Emily were busting butt packaging hundreds of orders. They're good people to have on your team.

As cool as it is to see the masters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it was equally inspiring to see some of the artists displaying works on the outside. We met a wonderful Chinese man who sold us some great photographic prints of NYC, matted and signed for $10 apiece.


At 6:53 AM, Blogger ScrapsofMe said...

My SCRAPPED dvd came yesterday!
WOOHOO.....I was too tired when I staggered in at 8:30pm from work to watch it, so it's my TREAT today! Can't WAIT!
Reviews later....

At 12:10 PM, Blogger ScrapsofMe said...

Here is the review I posted on another forum:

My SCRAPPED dvd came yesterday and I was too tired to watch it.
So I watched it today on my laptop at lunch...well...a LOT longer then lunch actually.

I have to say he treated the subject of scrapbooking very seriously, although I felt he showed
mostly the CM side of it. And I suspect that is because his friend is seriously into the CM
style of SB'ing. He did have some segments that represented other it wasn't
totally one sided. But you really needed to look past the 'branding' and into the heart of his
story. I feel he realistically captured the essences of why a lot of us scrapbook. There are many
reasons and he treated each with dignity and honesty. I was afraid it would be very 'guy goes to
scrapbook crop and makes fun of all the women'. But it wasn't. It was more a journey of self
discovery, prehaps what we all do in one way or the other.

His section on Scrap By Numbers is very BayBox....same concept, different product.
Gearing up.....LOVED how he pimped his bag. You need to watch it just for this if nothing else.
Talk about some serious embellishment. I wonder if he did that or had it done?
Fast forward if all the Blue Oval Cult products frighten you.

The Day Crop....very fun. Very realistically portrayed.
All the PINK n Black made me think I was at a Heidi Swapp event.
The distressing class...I would have loved to had a better shot of his finished layout.

Then there were the interviews. I had to go find the tissue box.
Very touching.
Even a section on Faithbooking, sorta.
Or was it a section on Rhonda. It wasn't clear.
It didn't get into much about what Faithbooking is as I know it, but
it might be an alien concept to a lot of folks. Kinda like Faith.

I have to say, the section where he goes home to talk to his Mom.
was without a doubt the best part. He says he cut a lot of it and kept it for himself.
I can't blame him for that...his Mom rocks....really a wonderfull woman.
She shares herself and her love of her children freely.

Like most kids, he seemed to have no clue about his parents BEFORE
himself. The whole coffee house scene. Moving and the cultural
upheaval in her life. Isn't that one of the reasons so many of us
scrapbook...especially the Book of Me concept...don't we want our
children and grandchildren to realize we are real people too?
That we are so much more than just chauffers and cooks and the maids
in their lives? That we too have hopes and dreams that we work to realize.
That we lived before them and with them and will continue after they leave.
We are strong and independent and real and loving and vulnerable and cherish
our lives not only because of them, but sometimes even in spite of them.

We all have stories to pass not forget.
I think Wes did an admirable job telling this story.

Grammie Pamie....

ps..Wes..still wished you had included the shotgun scene.

At 12:40 PM, Blogger wes said...

Wow Grammie Pamie,

I really appreciate your honesty and the time it took to convey your thoughts, well and even to watch the DVD over lunch for that matter. :0)

Boy, for someone I don't know from Adam you sure gave me a nice surprise today. Thanks! I'll go check your blog out as weel. I haven't hit it for a while.

You're absolutely right about not knowing your parents before you came along. Something we all need to realise. I made it a point to keep in closer contact with them since I edited Scrapped. I spent the Saturday before last up on a roof hanging shingles with my dad all day just to hang out with him. Turns out he listens to a little opera. What are the odds of that?! I'm still missing out on a deeper relationship but making up for lost time as I hope many people will be.

Thanks for seeing through the expectations and finding a story in Scrapped. I love that.


At 9:34 AM, Anonymous sheryl said...


i love this! i'm going to burnsville next week to pick up a copy of your DVD.

i saw on tv that you were in town at a scrapbooking event - whoa - wish i could stop by and shake your hand.

awesome - keep up the great work. and yes, i agree with grammie, the shot gun scene is awesome. i think the holes in the boook add a fantastic three-dimensional or organic element to the book - cool idea.

all the best


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