Sunday, October 15, 2006


Just finished answering questions for someone who is doing a project about scrapbooking for children. I'm excited for her as it looks like a blast and something I'm very happy to be a part of. Here's what I wrote:

Q: What are people's reactions when they find out you scrapbook?

A: They immediately want to see what I've made in my album which is uncomfortable because I scrapbook my life; things I enjoy, places I've been and people that are close to me. I don't always want to show them what kind of music I listen to, clothes I wear, food I like, where I live... basically everything that makes me who I am because there's a fear of being judged. On top of that you are showing them your skills as a scrapbooker. Scary! The cool thing is that the risk of sharing yourself usually pays off in finding new friends in people you never expected. People that look at my scrapbooks are never as critical about them as I am. Another great benefit of being real and transparent in scrapbooking is all the friends and family that love to see themselves in your scrapbooks. They might not understand scrapbooking or spend the time to learn how to do it but they really enjoy the finished product.

Q: What's your favorite part of scrapbooking?

A: Some people like the embellishments, all the trim and pieces of the artistic puzzle they put together. I like the early parts and the ending. I love sorting through pictures and remembering things because I'm so forgetful. I also like having pages finished to show other people. With loose pictures I can say look at this motorcycle or check out this wave but with a finished scrapbook I can show them a whole story of driving down Daytona Beach and give them an experience, not just a moment.

Q: Any advice for boys in elementary school who think it looks neat but
are maybe embarrassed about it?

A: Who cares what other kids think? Scrapbooking is just paper and pictures. It's your story and fun so make it for yourself and other people will see what you're all about. It can be scary even as an adult but that's only when you first start. Once you've done your first couple pages you'll be hooked. Guys like us are photographers, writers, and artists and that's what scrapbooking is all about. There are as many ways to express yourself through scrapbooking as there are people in the world so don't be afraid to make something different. The people that want to try it but don't because they're afraid of what others think are the ones that should feel embarrassed.

Q: What gave you the idea for Scrapped, since you weren't a scrapbooker?

A: A good friend of mine did it and she happened to scrap a vacation her, her husband, my wife and I went on. Once I had the book in my hands and began flipping pages it became personal. I realized that I spent to much time with pretend friends on TV and movies or created worlds in video games and not enough time with real world relationships and my own experiences.

Q: What was the most interesting thing you learned about scrapbooking as
you were making Scrapped?

A: How close people who scrapbook can be to each other. It's like a fun club that is really easy to join. Once you've started you first page there's instantly dozens of people that want to help you. It's amazing and still surprises me. I just got back from a show with hundreds of scrapbookers that work in the industry for their career. They were the same way. Even though the movie is over I'm still scrapbooking and am happy and proud to be a part of the group.

Q: Besides your film-making, any other creative endeavors in your life
before taking on scrapbooking? Did you do any arts as a kid?

A: I was an artists apprentice for a couple of years in Jr. High school. I would do work around his studio and in return he would tudor me in pencil, charcoals, paint and wood carving. It was a great experience but what I really fell in love with was writing and photography. I've had careers as a video technician and computer programmer and have been able to carry those two things with me in whatever I do. They last a lifetime and are the main ingredients in scrapbooking!



At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey is your new best friend Kim here....I know you remember me.{pink is my color}...just wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to meet you. Got home late last night from Vegas and trying to catch up with the time difference...will be watching you movie tonight with my girls...take care and don't be a stranger...

At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like what you said about your favorite part of scrapbooking...the early part and the ending. Thats scrapbooking from the heart and not to show off your it!


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