Monday, November 26, 2007

rebuilding year

I was in camera limbo for the Thanksgiving weekend. Not so good.

I had a sweet little Fuji camera about the size of a pack of smokes that filled in the gaps between doing SLR work shoots. Moving had me cramming my office into boxes and the boxes are crammed into a bedroom called my temporary office. For the life of me I couldn't find my little point and shoot so I went to 3 stores finding one that had this little Olympus FE-280 in stock for the advertised $129 price. Apparently they only allotted a certain number at that price and then would tell me they're "out of stock" which by the third store I found out meant they're out of stock for that price. When I found one in a display cabinet and it rang up at $189 I suggested it was the same camera as the advertised price and they eventually adjusted the price.

Now four days too late I've got a nice little 8meg bite size camera.

I ended up selling my sweet little Nikon Digital SLR outfit a while back because FujiFilm USA lent me a wonderful S3 for over a year because of the whole Scrapped thing. I haven't spent the cash to pick up something new ( I've got a movie to pay off ) but have rented some D200's for freelance work and the main thing I'm missing for my daily dink around shots is better control of depth of field and my super wide angle lenses that I can't seem to cram onto my point and shoot micro machines.

So this morning I'm trying to get a shot at submitting an audition tape out to host a tattoo travel show, the deadline was the day before Thanksgiving but I didn't get the email until it was too late. I emailed the casting agent and pleading for mercy. I'm also editing a reel of shooting / directing / editing work together for a job I'm dying to get an interview for downtown in a company that's looking specifically for an associate online video producer. It's a marketing / ad company that's got some heavyweight national clients so it would be a great chance to get back into the mainstream and have a steady 9-5 job ( or 8-7 job like the rest of the ad world ) for awhile.

As soon as these things get wrapped this morning I've got a contractor friend of mine coming over because I'm starting to turn an unfinished space in the basement of the new house into a 20'x 20' studio with sound booth and sweet sweet HD editing bay. I want to try and take advantage of not having a full time job at the moment to do the framing, drywalling and soundproofing before I'm busy all day making money and paying it all off. Thank goodness for home equity loans.

Pics to come.


At 5:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear you on the HELOC man. That's part of how I bought the rack of crap from you. Traveling Tattoo show? That sounds right up your alley! Best of luck mang that would be a sweet gig.
I'm a little bummed you aren't coming to my shindig but it's cool. I'll just shed a small tear with your name on it. ;)

At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Wes ~ I got Scrapped awhile back, and loved it. Just saw your link on ScrapScene and thought I'd come see what you're up to these days. Best of luck with the job possibilities & your home project. Good use of some down time, LOL.

At 1:26 PM, Blogger Emily Adams said...

The owls are not what they seem.


Good to hear from you. If you want the Twin Peaks buttons just email me your address & I'll send them to you. You need some kind of souveneir for killing Laura Palmer...


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