Friday, February 16, 2007


The world we live in is so much smaller than it was a couple decades ago. I've been on four continents in the last three months and seen some crazy stuff but last night it was extremely refreshing to see a rusty old pickup with bits of hay in the back and a mutley old dog. The Great Wall of China was amazing, the Duomo in Milan was astonishing, The mountainous hillsides filled with sheep in New Zealand were breathtaking, the beaches of Northeastern Australia healing, Mid Town Manhattan electrifying, The Vegas Strip a spectical, LA and the people were comrades but last night when I stopped by my dad's farm, parked my truck and got licked by Sam the dog I unconciously let out a big sigh that I seemed to be holding in for a long, long time.

I didn't see my dad that often, before scrapped it was maybe 2-3 times a year. The project really did bring us back together and now we talk regularly, visit and just hang out. You've got to make time for that stuff don't you? It doesn't really happen out of convenience does it? Emails, voicemails and paperwork piling up but I took a drive down a dirt road last night and got to unwind as much as I could when the temps in the single digits.

This is the stir crazy time of year. Holidays are over and you're left with the last leg of cabin fever. I was on the couch last night looking through road map of the US trying to plan out road trips for a couple buddies and us to go on. "Maybe around Lake Superior for a 3 day weekend?" To long... it took me three days because of bad weather ( 40 mph in some stretches ) and I was driving 12 - 15 hours a day. Maybe a quick run to the House on the Rock? "We've done it enough" Connie would say. I just kept daydreaming thinking about open highways, warm weather, and loud music as your skin cooks in the sun.

I settled for watching Easyrider as I exercised this morning. Not quite the same and I forgot what a screwy movie it was. Perspectives on drugs, sex and hippies were a lot different in the sixties. I get where they were coming from as movie makers but I mostly fast forwarded to the riding sequences and the bit with Jack Nicholson.


At 10:27 AM, Blogger EquineSpirit said...

Love the photo of the horse trailer and truck with hay in the bed. It's such a relaxing sight to see!

At 3:59 PM, Blogger dflygirl said...


Way to go on exercising!!! Wahoo!!! I'm in 3rd place now for the cardio challenge!!!!



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