Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Welcome Home

T.S. Elliot said something like: We shall not cease from exploraiton and the end will be to return to the begining and know that place for the first time. It's not a quote just from memory so google it for details.

I went up to my mom's house to shoot one of the final segments of the movie where I have tried slide in albums, topical albums, chronological and then finally will take a stab at a personal heritage album. I'm not talking about great grandparents, just immediate family. It was challenge enough. From age 12 I didn't live at home much at all and had found some mental health in not going back. My little brother agreed to come along and help scan photos we raided from boxes and old albums. I was out of the house by the time he was three and part of the whole family that I didn't log in much time with so as he's had interest in production he's been working with me and helping get stuff done.

I have to admit it was weird being together with both of them ad then to go through boxes of history which I have essentially forgotten for hours and hours... well I'm still processing it. Nate and I were dredding it on the way up but as my mom said, you tuck this stuff away thinking that some day it can be revisited with a different perspective. "I saved things thinking some day you guys would want to see it and well, it's some day right now. This is some day! How many times in your life do you set aside "someday" for something to happen, and now.. right here. This is someday!"

It went well, I got my pics to try and digest into a heritage book, I also got the stories, Nate scanned everything so I can print out 4-5 copies of images thanks to the magic of Walmart's 15 cent 4x6's online and everybody gets to reconstruct the secenes of the accidents in small bite size pieces.

We stopped by Lake Superior on the way home and Nate whipped out one of his old cameras. My mom's father was a photographer by trade and it was weird to go through those pictures with my mom talking about her family combined with the prescence of my own. It was a good thing and is giving me more to write about than I will ever be able to fit in a 10 minute segment of a movie.


At 7:57 AM, Blogger mindakms said...

This post makes me want to see the movie more than anything else I've seen or heard. This is what it's all about man. Getting to the core. Looking back, even if it hurts. Looking at the pieces that make your whole, and coming to terms with the way things really were.

At 7:10 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Now you have a reason beond a dare from a frined to scrapbook. unlike a segment in a movie that is time limited, with a scrapbook you can always grab a new sheet of paper or load a new LifeTimez template.

happy scrapping, of all memories

At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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