Thursday, May 25, 2006

still crazy after all these years

I was up late last night whittling a guy I've been calling Magic Dave's 60 minute interview down to 10 minutes for a preliminary segment. Then I take all my 10 minute interviews and whack them down to 3-5 minutes when I see them all in context. Dave was a shy kid who found magic as a way to mix and mingle. He ended up specializing in escape tricks and used scrapbooks to organize his pics into an efficient way to cruise through them.

I was having a little time quiet time this morning to get centered and remembered a conversation I had maybe twenty years ago with a friend that asked what I want to do with my life. I said I wanted to be rich enough to have a studio in my basement where I could make music, video and digital print media ( there wasn't an internet or DVD's back then. ) This morning I woke up to Magic Dave's face while I was munching on my corn flakes and getting the big picture perspective. I joke about just being one guy working out of his basement but the flip side is that technology and an understanding wife has gotten me a new camera and video drive I can shoot an hour of HD with, a sweet dual processor G5 with a couple Terrabytes of storage and 4 1/2 gigs of ram, a few other computers to play with, a few mics ( including a Neuman that I wanted ) some drums and a guitar and bass hanging on the wall. Nothing too crazy compared to real companies that do this kind of stuff but enough where I can work and not be slowed down by by tools.

As I'm typing this out the UPS man has delivered another thousand DVD's of my last video that was really just a learning project but was able to get me to film festivals in Frankfurt, Milan and all over the US and got aired in New Zealand, throughout the UK and domestically. What a blast! Man, I've gotta count my thousands of blessings.

Don't we all.


At 10:50 PM, Blogger B said...

So what's the name of that latest film that you just got more copies of?

At 9:28 AM, Blogger wes said...

Hey B,

It's called Brethren. It seriously was a learning project so there's many things I would change in production value if I could but I'm banking on the storyline carrying it. It's a goofy docudrama format.

You can check it out at

There should be a little 2 minute trailer there as well.


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