Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Finish Line

We've got a date set for a premier for Scrapped! Whoo hooo. I am fortunate enough to have Lorna Klefsaas and her crack team of social event commandos on board to plan it. It seems like a million years ago since I first went up and visited Lorna and her husband Kerm in Motley, MN and talked with them about being interviewed for the project. Here's a picture of our first get together.

Since then she organized setting up a Delta Phi Scrappa event for the movie and is spearheading the premier which has turned out to be a Godsend on a few levels. I've written the check to secure the Woman's club of Minneapolis for the evening of Saturday August 5th and am just waiting on a proposed budget for food and beverages to get a price together so we can start selling tickets. Should be a hoot. We're hoping to have wine and horsdurves ( and sparkling juice for the more prudent among us. ) The irony is that it will be an excuse for people to dress up a little and have a fun night out, hang out with other scrapbook fiends down by Loring Park and look out over the Minneapolis skyline at night but basically there to watch me run around like a bozo in jeans and T shirt chasing after this passion driven phsychosis called scrapbooking.

The other joke will be on me as well because I whipped up a new promo and posted it on the homepage today which, as with the other promos is a blatant romp of sensationalism. It's a blast for me to make stuff like that but I hope people throw me a bone when it comes time to watching the program and they find out it's actually serious... Well, I guess I can't approach the whole thing without sneaking in some sarcasm. I just hope I'm not sending out to much of the wrong message with these things but let's face it, who's going to watch a 60 second promo of warm fuzzy feelings and then forward the link to their friends at work?

Lot's of fun stuff coming up! More details to come.


At 4:03 PM, Blogger Minda said...

Love the new trailer! I started laughing as soon as the music started playing! You crack me up man. And, I think I saw two seconds of my mom in the background of one of the shots!
Can't wait for the premiere!


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