Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Silver, Gold and Burgandy Screen.

In a search for a distributor for Scrapped I ended up meeting and talking with some people from Shadow Creek Studios here in Minneapolis. They're a new, hip, more artistic startup division of an established, professional and diverse Braun Media ( BMS Digital. )

I was invited by Chris and Josh who head up Shadow Creek and are also film makers themselves to the premiere of their new release "It Came from Another World" which is the kind of 50's era monster movie that these two specialize in.

It was funny, it was campy and the people watching was almost as much fun as the movie. I'm pretty much a hermit and like sticking to myself. I watch movies at home but was reminded of the energy that peaks when you're in a theater and see a movie as an event. Hearing people laugh at funny parts made me laugh even longer. Hearing the surprise of a mass of people made me jump a little higher and the best part was I could just show up and enjoy myself. No running around wondering if everything was going to work properly.

The evening festivities were at "The Heights" theater just North of downtown Minneapolis. It's a restored tribute to the 40's era of cinema with all the trimmings. If you live here in the Twin Cities you might want to check out their upcoming one week run of Gone With the Wind shown on a real 35mm print so you're getting the full on retro movie experience for $8 a ticket.

We filed into the theater, watched a preview of upcoming Shadow Creek projects, watched an old school Popeye cartoon and the movie kicked in, then mixing and mingling with cocktails and food. I snagged a picture with Chris Mihm the writer, director and editor of the project but was only able to get a distance shot with Josh Craig the star and co-conspiritor in the onslaught against corporate media. ;0)

Sorry, my face does weird things in front of cameras...


At 6:40 PM, Blogger Melissa O. said...

looks like a fun time. hope all is going well.


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