Monday, December 31, 2007

light up my life

I picked up a job being the light guy for a commercial photo shoot right before Christmas. What a blast. It was ads for sponsors that would run promoting the upcoming NCAA basketball tournaments. The idea was to have a shadow cast across the court at one of the venues ( ended up being two of the venues ) in the shape of the company's logo ( a stag ) that's helping sponsor the events.

Challenging, fun and lots of heavy lifting. For the last picture we shot wide and I had to get six 2k lights out in the stands to light them up, add a splash of interest and then throw more lights up to add some texture to the basketball court.

It was a big enough budget shoot to rent a light truck packed with goodies and have a crew to help carry stuff around and set lights while I was on a two way radio on the other end looking at everything.

Can't wait to see the finished ad in magazines. I forgot how nice it was on photo shoots to not have to worry about making noise and dolly tracks or jib arms. :0)


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