Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I can't hear it

This week is a mix of working on my basement studio, applying for jobs, doing phone interviews and getting wierd emails like "Can you tell me when my Scrapped video will be shipped? I ordered it over a year ago and still have not received it." Unfortunately the US Postal service confirmation records don't go back that far so I couldn't track the order placed last October but I sent this poor woman the receipts showing we sent it out, the tracking info from the post office and said I would send another anyway and sorry for the hassles. Now that's a laid back lifestyle if you email someone a year later... I don't know what magically happens between the doorstep and the inside of the house but I get emails off and on from people that are peeved because they didn't get their dvd so I send them the confirmation info of the time and place it was delivered from the mailperson and never hear back from them again. I'll send extra disks out no problem, I just don't want people to think I'm screwing them.

Highlights of the week are getting to shoot .22 caliber rounds in my house. These were used to drive nails into concrete to secure boards for framing. No actual bullet discharge but still a big bang.

We also were able to get a load of drywall, insulation and big outdoor use doors in the night before it started snowing and eventually dropped about 1/2 a foot. Good timing.

The easiest way we could think of to get these mammoth 12 foot sheets into the basement was through taking the window apart. Good times.

To give you an idea of what a 12 foot sheet of drywall looks like, well it takes up most of the room, but makes a great stepladder.

In an attempt to soundproof as much as possible I'm loading the ceiling and sound booth with R38 insulation generally used for attic spaces. It's not the ideal way to kill sound and is only one step in the process but it's readily available, cheap-ish and lets face it, looks chunky and cool. Hopefully it will help keep the ear abuse of a couple amps and drums down to the lower level of the house.


At 11:18 AM, Blogger Christine Smith said...

hey when you're done insulating your basement, you can come over and do mine ROFLMBO. Glad to see you are well and making progress. I'm not even gonna touch that where's my DVD story because someone might be following me and find out how much I dislike customer service. (just kidding if you are following me) have a great week!

At 9:15 PM, Blogger Dee G said...

Wowsers, Wester! Look at you, you big builder! Impressive studio space--I'm very impressed. I'll have to come over and jam with you in it sometime. Don't worry, I'll behave with my lyrics. :)


Big hugs to you both.


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