Sunday, February 18, 2007

WHy bE NorMal?

Why be normal? Well, sometimes normal is good - like this weekend.

Thursday I drove down to the Grezzo Gallery where we had the Scrapbook art show opening and collected all the layouts. ( Less newsworthy picking up the materials than opening night was. )

Friday I did voiceovers with my friend Dave who's also my partner in this next project about business in China. It "fills my tank up" to be back shooting, editing and turning all this footage I shot into a streamlined piece of communication.

Yesterday I started cleaning out the office, cleaning equipment and cleaning off hard drives. Then Connies brother came over and we played a little Guild Wars together online. As you'll notice I didn't get to actually cleaning off the counter top much...

Then I got an email from the friend I stayed with in LA a few weeks ago ( CHA week ). He's got a fresh reel up and is getting the word out that he's ready to tackle some new series work. If you get a chance please stop by and check out some of the work he's done and add some hits to his website. D.David would appreciate it and so would I. ( No, I don't know how there's so many David's in my life. )


So back to business as usual and it's nice. Coming up: Scrapped screens in Manila ( as in Philippines ), Alambama and I speak at a University in Iowa. ( What's up with that? )


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