Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kiss and Tell

Well it's not all work here in New Zealand. Getting caught up on the blog means talking about sheep, an Irish brunch and hiding in caves.

I was shocked to find out Connie has never had proper fish and chips ( a personal favorite.) We were both shocked to find out I've never had black pudding and it was really no shock that I kissed a sheep.

Black pudding for those not in the know is pretty much filler food soaked in blood and cooked until it solidifies. It ranks right up there with haggis as one of the finer culinary delights brought to us by the celtic nations. No wonder there's so much beer drinking going on. For the full scoup on this tasty treat ( the brown disk on my plate ) you can visit here.

We also paid money ( well our kind host paid money ) for us to go climbing around in dark wet caves. It involved alot of falling over submerged waterfalls, scraping my big back end through small underground spaces and looking at glow in the dark slime. All in all a very good time.


At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Nat said...

Thanks for the introduction of black pudding - I pass _ LOL! My haggis-experience in Scotland is enough!


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