Monday, July 10, 2006

Don't blog me there.

My online connection dumped out today which means I also lose phone service, etc. ( Voice over IP ) so I'm here at Panera with free online access taking a breather. I was up until 5:00 AM mixing sound on some segments of Scrapped, rephrasing some things and trimming like crazy. This is the hard part because I want to probably do too much in a simple, low budget indy project.

Tell a good and true story about the last person you'd expect would scrapbook who is extremely, sarcastically and violently against it and what it stands for: celebration of our lives, remembrance and devotion.

I also want to tell guys ( my own analytical self included ) that regardless of whether you scrapbook or not, one of the best ways to remember things as permanent memories is to drag them out of your noggin, reassemble the memory and store it again. Don't take my word for it, I interview a professor of neurology who has written some fantastic work on the subject.

I also interview a gentleman who took pictures as a young man in the service in the late 40's early 50's Japan who's fun hobby pictures are being assembled and turned into an exhibit in an upcoming Cold War museum in Washington DC. - Pictures are important.

There's an interview about the significance of journaling with an archeologist who lived and worked in North Dakota for years and found the journal of the guy who managed the fort when it was opened.

That segment try's to prove to a man who doesn't scrapbook that memories, journals and pictures are valuable.

Then I'm trying to fit in some basics for a newbie like me about simple tools, materials and why they're made out of all things acid free, lignon free, etc.

I also have a tour of the Creative Memories factory and lab ( just an hour away from my house with free tours so hey, that worked out well... )

I also attend a day crop and do my first pages, I attend a distressed page layout class.

There's also interviews with six people who scrapbook for arts sake, for tragedy, for joy, for hobbies, for their family, for online community, etc.

There's an interview with Rhonda Anderson about faithbooking.

There's also my journey to connect with my mom and dad and dig out pictures we haven't seen for decades and didn't know existed.

I'm trying to fit all that in, have a believable character that goes through the process of finding a way to personally make scrapbooking his own, have a fun montage and all kinds of other media gimmicks. ;0)

Pretty much all segments with the exception of one are about 4-6 minutes so hopefully it moves along but it's still a lot to cram in but I really am trying to make something wives can bring their husbands and maybe even their kids to watch so it's got to be diverse.

I guess the bottom line is stay up late, wake up early and try to do the best you can with what you've got. If anything I hope people can watch this thing and it gets them thinking and talking. I'm noticing already that people who are passionate about cropping are hoping their spin of scrapbooking gets a big chunk of time. Hopefully it will ask the right questions to have people ask the right questions and they personally can fill in the details.

It's almost done! In the home stretch. Because of the time crunch I'm having to encode and build the DVD myself so by the end of this week I will hopefully have shipped everything off and be focused on getting butts in the seats for the premiere. Heck, I'll take a day off this weekend and go for a motorbike ride up north of something.


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