Wednesday, July 05, 2006


My friend Rebecca came over this weekend to shoot the final segment of the Scrapped project. She was all excited because it was an excuse to buy a bike T shirt. The idea was that she would come over and I would tape a segment where I'm showing her some stuff about how a bike works as a kind of cultural exchange. She's the person in the movie ( and in real life ) that got me thinking about scrapbooking so I figured she could use a taste of being a fish out of water herself. Apparently it worked.It was VERY funny to see her get all giddy that she went to the bike shop, that she felt intimidated and excited because she got a Harley shirt. Hilarious. I think I've only actually purchased one in the last few years but they keep filling up in my closet from here and there and as for the intimidation at the Harley shop, I typically try to avoid them if I can get parts at a local chop shop because I get agressive having to deal with people buying Harley collectors knives, Harley underwear and Harley doo-rags standing around drinking Harley coffe and doughnuts talking about how much they know and how cool their bug free bike is. ( yea, yea... I have an attitude problem. )

I asked her to write a little about her thoughs for the blog.

"Since Wes had gone to a Consultant to gear up to come to the Delta Phi Crop with me, I figured I should do the same before I go work on the motorcycle with him.

So I pull up to my local Harley dealership with my novelty I love Lucy purse under my shoulder wondering if I should have left it in the car... and as I walked across the parking lot I see some burley looking men near the shop area and it was then that I knew I was a little out of my element.

I was a little nervous as I entered not knowing what to expect... I open the door to a sea of shiny chrome with multiple rows of bikes in front of me before I could get to the apparel section. My first thought was - Holy Crap, this is how Wes must have felt as he walked in the door at the Crop! It felt like everything was in slow motion and all eyes were on me! I have to admit I was a bit intimidated and felt like a traveler in a foriegn county where I didn't speak the language or have a map. The tables were totally turned!!! I had a new appreciation for what he must have felt and experienced that day!

I was successful in finding some gear that would fit my personality and be acceptable in the biker world. I purchased a brown biker shirt with a HOT PINK acid washed pattern look and some shades! Also, SCORE, I picked up some decals for my scrapbook as well!!! I even got a biker lady customer to take my pictue on a motorcycle!

Yes, I did approach a complete stranger to take my photo! We also chatted about the weekend rally she would be attending and the bike she would like to purchase... although she was leary to tell me what all goes on at a biker weekend, and I was not sure I really wanted to know either! I really wanted to get my picture taken with the burley biker dudes outside, but I chickened out!!!

Now I was ready to hit the garage to get my hands dirty!"


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