Monday, March 19, 2007

Scrap Etc.

Spent the weekend in Birngham, Alabama. What a blast. I was invited to the second annual Scrap Etc. event there put on by Jeremiah and Monique McClean who also own the Scrap Etc. store. Click Here to check it out!

Amazing! They had me come in as a surprise and show Scrapped at a local theater as the opening night kick off. Renting a theater and showing the movie as part of the weekend events... how cool was that?! We got to see Scrapped on the big screen in a multiplex with stadium seating, popcorn and a pumping sound system. I was a very happy guy that night. The picture of the theater we screened in actually only shows 2/3 of the people because I snapped it while everyone was loading up on soda and raisinettes.

We hit the store afterwards and sold DVD's, gave away movie posters and I signed a bunch of movie tickets / took pictures for scrapbooks. I was very glad I had extra movie posters to hand out because it added to the cool factor. You can see the wall of currently playing movie posters in the theater pic above so it made Scrapped look ike... well like we knew what we were doing. ( shhh, don't tell anyone the truth. ) I'm certain it was as much fun for me to hear people's stories that came out from watching my experiences as it was for them to talk to me afterwards and share their thoughts.

Scrap Etc. ended up having a rave the second night. Amazing. They went all out with 4 work stations of make and takes, lights, smoke machines, food, displays, even an oxygen bar.

I'll post more pictures and info after I unpack and start checking emails. I met some cool people and have pics from a couple classes. Monique and Jeremiah really know how to go all out. I do want to say that being in the south again was the best. I had a Chick-Fila right by the hotel, drank sweet tea, loved the accents and the hospitality. What a great weekend.

Scrapbooking is much wilder and fun oriented than I ever could have imagined.



At 2:26 PM, Blogger CyndiAKADisneyqueen said...

Wes it was so nice meeting you. I really enjoyed the movie. Man, did you put my plain CM bag to shame. My daughter and I were one of the last to get a poster signed by you that night :

At 6:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! that's me!!! Loved the movie, thanks so much for being part of the event!

At 7:27 PM, Blogger stephanie howell said...

you bet it's wilder!!

At 8:28 PM, Blogger mary h. said...

Wow what a weekend. Thank you for coming to show us all your movie. A lot of women commented on your bag. LOL! Some were wondering how you did it and how much time it took. I was scrolling thru your pics here then hit on me and my friends! I am the one in the tiara. Thank you also for taking pics of the Oxygen bar using Nan's(the one in the pink wig) camera. They turned out super cool!!!!

At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wes, so great to have met you - and loved the movie and all that it captures about scrapbooking. And didn't that Hummer rock?!!


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