Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's Christmas Time in the City

Met some wonderful people today at Scrapfest. I arrived at 12:15, talked to my first person looking for a present from Santa by 12:25 and was out of DVD's by 1:15. Seventy wasn't enough. Thanks to anyone that asked for one after I ran out and was still nice about it.

I had a blast at the Cloud 9 and Fiskars booth and actually scored some very cool free stuff at the Chatterbox display. Loved their paisley rub on borders and swirly, edgy letters. It was also refreshing to see some guys in their booth as well as in others. Here's a picture of Buster, a great guy who walked right up and dropped the Merry Christmas line on me.

He was attending with his wife. He was holding her place in lines, scouting for cool new things for her and generally being a nice guy. He got tipped off I think as many people did by people that heard about the DVD's and went off to other lines down the hall to tell their friends. This is kind of a microcosm of the tactic I've been using to promote Scrapped. It's no surprise I'm an small time indie guy that's flying by the seat of his pants but is giving it everything he's got. I have huge faith in the power of people who like something and tell other people in the modern age of almost instant communication. Whether it's walking down the hall or posting on their blog, people are talking and it's helping get the word out. To be honest though, the word today was just." Hey, some guy's giving away free DVD's..."


Time will tell if Scrapped is worthy of attention and my methods are pie in the sky idealism or a viable business model. Please stay tuned.



At 12:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe you were there and I missed you! I'm from SE WI and on the way up I told my friends, who I had set your sites link to, that the "Scrapped Dude" lives somewhere in the Twin Cities area but never dreamed you actually show up at MOA.

Hope to get my hands on a copy soon! And maybe someday I will be lucky enough to meet you in person!

At 6:55 AM, Blogger OGD Critic said...

I wanted to tell you that I've seen your movie and LOVED IT. My sweet hubby (a man much like yourself) actually watched it too. All he could keep saying is why didn't I think of this!

He's also the guy who rolls on the floor in laughter when I come home from a convention with a neat new tool that I'm later told is in our garage and only costs a $1.00 at the local hardware store and I paid $6.00 for it a convention. He believes we (women) are all of one mind and can be conned in to buying anything if it says it's for scrapbooking! I disagree, but we have agreed to disagree on this topic.

I have sent my copy of Scrapped to Ireland, my gal pals over there can't wait to see it and will be viewing it at a weekend crop at the end of the month, they have agreed to return my copy (I hope), so don't be surprised if you don't start seeing orders for the Emerald Isle!

Hope you don't mind but I have added your links to my blog, so that all my pals can find their way to you.

Great job!


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