Wednesday, August 30, 2006

friendly famished faces

Today my day was filled with sending grahics for the 'nth time down to the duplication house, answering calls from companies about the release date, pricing, fulfillment, building the storefront, slapping up a new website ( well, the frameowrk for one, more coming soon ) stress from things way past deadline, ramping up some promotional stuff, people wanting pictures, press kits, problems with encoding web promos, returning calls for upcoming events, two appointments, etc. etc. and a strange smell from under the fridge. No screaming children or prostate exams though, so I've got that going for me...

This is probably a normal day for many people, the part that's new to me is having a couple hundred emails from people who are bummed that you don't have time to chit chat. "Wes, I saw you at the premiere, AWESOME, Wes... I was one of the 5,000 consultants you signed an autograph for and got a picture with. I've been emailing you, I've been calling. Where are you man? Where's the Scrapped love?" Well... sorry I haven't had a chance to get back to you Jane / John Doe... I've got about five thousand people sending me emails. :0)

If you've been disappointed that I haven't been prompt in response don't you fret! You're on the list somewhere... Here's a sneak peek at my priorities list so you can tell if we're talking communication in a few hours, days or centuries.

1) My Wife or her cats saying her ( or their ) arms and / or legs have been chopped off.
2) My arms or legs have been chopped off.
3) The Scrapped Public Release DVD is held up in production somewhere.
4) The Scrapped Website needs to be ready for 09/05/06
5) The Scrapped online store needs to be finished for the distribution company to get test files.
6) Food / Water
7) Fire or flood somewhere in the house.
8) The marketing company needs stuff from me so they can give more stuff back to me.
9) "I need ( fill in the blank ) to finish my article, interview or interrogation on you."
10) Confirm SSL for accepting Visa's online is secure and functional.
11) Return emails and / or calls from stores or groups that want a visit but seem surprised it costs money to travel.
12) Return emails and / or calls from manufacturers or vendors that want me to look at their website.
13) Waste time answering calls and emails from people with ideas about how to save me time.

Let's skip down a few...
1022) Erase emails and calls like "I really liked your movie but you should change ( fill in the blank here.)"
1023) Answer emails and calls like "Where can I get a DVD?", take a look at the webite.
1024) Answer emails and calls like "When can I get a DVD?", take a look at the webite.
1025) Answer emails and calls like "Where can I get ahold of you?", just did! take a look at the webite.
1026) Bathroom Break.
1027) Answer emails and calls from people assuming rejection: " You don't call / email me back... are we still buddies?" ( No offense, just no time to affirm our bonding. A real friend will understand... )

Anybody else in this boat? If so, would you have time to reply?! I want to hear about how you personally determine which of the late items, stressed people or bodily functions you deny for the sake of advancement. I suppose cutting out blogging would be a good first step but right now, this is my only marketing campaign. :0)


At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is going to be FuN. better be ready for the gals' challenge to YOU.

and the dizzy-busy? you're sayin it like it IS. i can help by pulling out my hair for you.

At 10:01 AM, Blogger nancy in ks said...

well, i commented on the wrong day's blog. that first sentence in the comment above is about the challenge to cz and ae.

i need to go get some caffeeiinne.


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