Tuesday, July 25, 2006

pretty jazzed

Went and scoped out The Woman's club last week, ground zero for the party bomb that is the world premiere of Scrapped. It might not sound like abig deal but there's actually almot 500 people coming and the numbers are still climbing.

Lorna, Kermit, Tom and Krita of Delta Phi fame are runing the show as I will be up to my eyeballs in Creative Memories consultants the day before and after. Yikes!

Tom took some pictures of Lorna and I measuring, mapping, planning, etc. It's going to be much more exciting and interesting than the single thin on ifo web page shows. I need to desperately update!

Among some of the fun is a hip little trio called Reception Jazz which plays a wide array of styles and instruments. I'm restricting them to standard jazz next Saturday and maybe some Bossa Nova sweetness. Just replace the keyboard in the picture with one of the Steinway baby grands at the Woman's Club and you're set.

You can check out some of their sounds here, here or here. Of course they sound even better in person and with the warm summer breezes flowing in the windows from the park and skyline with a glass of something cold and delicious in your glass. Who couldn't grab a loved one a take a spin around the dance floor to that huh? Just get cozy close and lean back and forth.

Better bring a camera for that... it's like going to a wedding reception without having to buy presents or sit through a ceremony. In fact YOU get the presents. Score!

here we are furiously taking notes in the library planning the layout for everyone who wants movie posters autographed and a picture opp with me or someone from the movie.

I guess I really need to get on the premiere website to get people in the know. I just need to also get a few dozen other things in line as well.



At 4:51 PM, Blogger TheresaXXX said...

Please don't "Yikes!" on my account! I can't wait to see you at Showcase and get my DVDs!!! (yes, more than one!) This is AWESOME!

At 9:58 PM, Blogger wes said...

Oh my, sorry. I didn't mean yikes like being up to my eyeballs in CMC's was a bad thing. I'm just not a huge people person and spend huge amounts of time home alone in my basement on computers. The thought of being around 3,000 of anything at one time freaks me out... even if it was doughnuts.

Honestly though, I've had so much stress time over this project I'm VERY happy to just kick back and watch it with people. Just kind of share the love. I hope the journey grabs people about 1/2 as much as it did me.



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