Tuesday, July 25, 2006

grounded and centered

While everybody and their grandmother was at the Craft and Hobby Asociation convention in Chicago ( where I should have been... I even had an offer to appear on a morning show and I'm a complete idiot for not following up with it but I'm too wrapped in production and needed some time away from work ) I was driving around northern Wisconsin and the Apostle Islands.

Rain, sun, triple digit temps and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I recommend all you scrapbooking ladies get yourself a bike if you don't already have one. Dangerous? Sure. So is life. An acquaintance's son swerved to miss a deer in the road today and hit a telephone pole with his car instead. The poor 17 year old was air lifted to intensive care with a crushed skull and multiple bones broken in his legs. The surgery on his head has been successful and they are now working on his legs. Tradgedy finds you whether you're looking for it or not, on a bike or not, healthy or not. Just my two cents worth. My other two cents worth is get on a bike and air your head out a little bit. Maybe a convertable...

of the many things I was reminded of this weekend, one was a fully loaded Electraglide with passenger and gear cannot break free from it's 100 mile per hour shackles. Dissappointing but really just an excuse to add a 105" engine kit sometime.

I even had time to fall in love... with a troll. Maybe it's all the repressed guilt but dang it, this little scandinavian fellow and myself were meant for each other...

And of course here's the gratuitous picture of some idiot making bunny ears behind someone else because they don't really want to be in the picture. I really do apologize for this lack of substance and creativity in the blog today. Childish and rambling. I should mention that in the picture of the cutie with the jacket and the hat where I say " my hip girl " I mean my wife and it's my friend Karen whose picture I am defiling with childish behavior without substance behind her.

Sorry! I'll quit while I'm behind. Just wanted to post something... anything ;0)


PS. Here's Walter and his wife. He doesn't look too tough after a full meal, a few hundred miles and a beer does he? Having three kids has mellowed him out as well.


At 1:12 PM, Blogger mindakms said...

okay, now you are prescrapbooking on your blog. You are SOOOO in it man!

I'm getting SOOO excited for the premiere....I'd be even more excited if I had finished my dress...or even bought the material...or even had the pattern. Yep, I'm trying to compete with you for latest to the post.

At 10:01 PM, Blogger wes said...

Minda, Minda - Minda...

I'm glad you're exicted and bummed your plans fell short but brush it off and just enjoy yourself now! Seriously, come to have fun. Beleieve me... I'm going to be blowing off some steam that night myself.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the evening.

I am truely in awe of the number of women that are so pumped about this thing. I can't think of anyother time when I've head so many people so excited about an event. It gets me chipper thinking that people will be walking in the door anticipating fun because it makes all the work worth while!


At 6:21 AM, Blogger scrapm said...

Looking forward to your movie. I can totally relate. I'm a CMC and I ride a 2006 Road King Classic. Love it! Got my first bike at age 10 and it's still in my blood years later.


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