Tuesday, January 15, 2008

la weekend

Connie and I went to LA for the weekend. The movie "Cold Play" that I worked on in LA had it's premiere and we went out to catch up with friends, see the final cut and hang out with the guys who wrote and directed it. Here's me with D. David Morin, a good friend of mine who was the co-creative force of the movie and an all around good guy to hang out with. He seems to have all these creative, affluent, interesting characters for friends that own businesses, travel around the world, make movies and are literally living the dream. I don't know exactly how I became part of the club but will take it. :0)

The room we stayed in was called The Embassy, a block from the beach, right across the street from D. David's pad and a couple blocks from the promenade in Santa Monica. A classic old building built in the golden age of Hollywoodland with all this eclectic fusion of architecture and charm. This was the view that greeted up from the bed. A tough adjustment from 2 degrees and snow back home.

The only lens I've got right now for my new camera is the fixed 50mm so I could only get singular object shots at the premiere. I could bore you with photos of me and people you'd never recognize or present this lovely shot of a main theater light fixture.

One highlight of the weekend for me, outside of the actual movie premier, was brunch at Geoffry's. Wedged between the PCH and some of the juiciest views in Malibu lies this swanky place to meet and greet. I'm not nearly enough of a beautiful person to dine there regularly but love it anyway.

Our group waded past the Bently, Beemer and Ferrari as we excited our Honda Minivan... oh yeah.. as D. David woudl say: that's how we roll baby.

I took this picture because you are looking at what could be the most fortunate cat on the west coast. Apparently it just wandered down from the Malibu hills when they were engulfed in flames and just kind of stayed. It sits on the ledge overlooking the kelp beds and surfers, yawns at celebrities and seems to dominate the top of the "aloof with a view" food chain. Right on Mr. pussycat!

Bloody Mary's, steak and eggs and what has got to be my favorite piece of appetizer on the planet. I don't enjoy sushi, could take or leave avocado but somehow this tower of taste slays me every time I eat it. raw Tuna, fresh avocado, and very hot sauce garnish crowned with caviar. Heavens it's tasty.

Well, back to studio building - the carpet comes in Thursday. I've also got some action in the job hunt. After the new year kicked in I've had a few interviews so I've got my fingers crossed at a chance for respectible employment. ;0)


At 6:44 AM, Blogger Wichterman said...

Dude, so jealous. It was freakin' freezing here over the weekend.
I had to make some butt kicking spicy chili just to keep the blood flowing.
Sometimes I hate the Frozen North.

At 11:04 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I love that cat photo! Too funny. Hope you get a great job that you can still have fun at and that your studio is finished soon. I'm going to be moving soon so I might even get a creative space again :)

At 3:38 PM, Blogger ScrapsofMe said...

Love the shot framed by the window. Love the window too.

At 9:14 PM, Blogger China Doll said...

I love your pictures!

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