Friday, April 28, 2006

Beefin' Up


Even after going through and fishing out the good stuff from interviews and other footage I've still got 1 1/2 terrabytes of info. Alot of this is because it's DVCPRO50 format and some HD stuff but after backing up the files pre-edit I'm looking at almost 3 terrabytes. I still have to do some interviews, the soundtrack, composites, imaging, rendering, etc. All the hours of footage for doing a 90 minute movie with special features, etc. can really suck up the space. I'm giddy with glee because I was able to add more ram to my editing computer so now I'm up to 4.5 gigs. SWEET!

Hopefully getting the replacement HVX200 back since the one I purchased began crapping out. That means I can get back on track with shooting. Just in the nick of time too because I need to go to LA next week to get some interviews with a couple scrapbooking metal heads and Rhonda Anderson.

I'm getting busy enough where there's just no chance I can get stuff done in time with casual labor. I'm hoping to figure out a way to bring someone else on full time. Oh yeah, and they need to work for free until I can start recouping costs on this project. ;0)



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