Thursday, March 02, 2006

Opening Day

I was told by my friend Todd today that I needed to have a blog to document this process. I always thought blogs were a little narcissistic so I'll make sure I focus on this crazy Scrapped project and anything that may be of interest regarding it. If it's gets read - great. If not I'll just delete it and you can go check out Mike Doughty's cooler and hangs out with people like Crispin Glover.

I told Todd I had a system down with my last project ( ) where I would just put new info on the home page and rotate it out to a page called "news" with an order of events for people to follow up on and since I just build the sites on laptop it's just as fast as a blog. His logic that won me over was that I could post things in a blog casually that I couldn't post officially on a website. Stuff like me getting rejected from the Mayo clinic for interviews because I don't have a distribution deal locked up and Creative Memories wanting to get me in behind the scenes for a segment I wanted to do on the technology behind scrapbooking but them being too busy and me being to freaky for a full fledged yes vote. Well, that and probably because I don't have a distribution deal yet. :0)

Apparently I can leverage human nature and figure people see a personal wes blog as something more casual than an official press release. Just frame it in the form of an opinion or "commentary" instead of fact and my liability is greatly reduced.

I think I will post chronologically AND topically for an easier sorting process. You can also search the blog through the google powered text box above.




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