Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scratch That: Reverse It

Like Willy Wonka said, Scratch That - Reverse It. Most blogs go recent to old in a top down manner so I'm finally at a keyboard in Santa Fe with an explanation for what you're about to read below.

I'm on a bike trip from Minneapolis to Tucson to visit my little sister's graduation from nursing school. This is killing half a dozen birds with one stone ( think of it as a tactical stone ) which will get explained over the next few days.

The current birds getting pummeled are my 3rd attempt at joining the Ironbutt club. Minimum ride to enter: 1000 miles in 24 hours. The first time I tried, weather and construction aced me out. The second time I drive from the Santa Monica Pier to Littleton, CO. against the time zones, desert and freezing continental divide, only to lose some of my paperwork two days later when we moved into our new house. These rides need to be documented with witnesses, contact info, receipts with date / time stamps and maps.

I drove from Des Moines Yesterday morning and finally rolled into Santa Fe this morning @ around 1:00 AM. Now just hold onto the paperwork and I'm golden.

I'm also going for the bonus ride of 1500 miles in 36 hours so, pending any breakdowns or natural disasters I'll be in Tucson this evening. More pics to come.

Now straight South to the Mexican border. Ole.


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