Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sorority Sisters

We went and shot a Delta Phi Scrappa event yesterday. AMAZING. Lorna Klefsaas and her friends Krista and Tom pretty much set up the event exclusively so we could tape it. It was the most elaborate "set" I will probably ever be able to shoot on. Over a hundred ladies dressed in hot pink too over the Radisson hotel in Plymouth and went berzerk with scraps of paper and embellishments flying in every direction. Being so close to so many touchy feely people freaked me out a little, well that and running a film crew on our first shoot of the week, being on camera for a TV crew, being surrounded with people with questions, gear malfunctions AND learning how to scrapbook for the first time... it was a long 16 hours for me. The people were great, the vendors were great and I was amazed at how real everybody was. I sure hope I didn't cheese anybody off by saying somthing wrong or being a jerk. I was uncomfortable being in front of people - even more so in such a foriegn environment, over whelmed, over worked and underpaid. I wouldn't change the experience for the world.

Songs of the Day: David Crowder Band and The Descendants


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