Monday, March 03, 2008

dirty and broken

This is the time of year that precedes spring cleaning, the long stretch of highway where you gassed up in December with holiday cheer and glowing faces and it's a long way until Easter, melted snow and temps that don't hurt your face when the wind blows. Things are gray and gritty, taxes are due and you're only given fake holidays that don't get you off work like Presidents day and Valentines day.

I enjoyed my gray time this weekend making a little headway in sorting out crap in my garage. My little brother came over with a crunched car and spare parts to replace mangled metal and plastic. During a snow storm he was part of a little pileup on the freeway and has needed to put things back together. The parts came in and he got to work.

I was inspired enough to start working on my bike a little knowing once it gets to 40 degrees I'll be driving to work with a smile inbetween my blue frozen lips. After an hour or so it started raining a little, an hour or two after that and the rain began freezing on it's way down. It's almost painful for someone not emotionally attached to a car or bike to see it sitting there in it's dirty, disheveled state of disarray but if you've got enough of a relationship with an inanimate assemblage of metal and plastic your imagination fills in the gaps and you see the shine of the waxed paint, the completed product of chrome and steel, the sun prickling your bare skin and hints of bright blue and green in the dirty gray.